Education associations

The education associations manage the union’s work in education and quality watch within a certain discipline, often a cluster of similar programs. These associations are run by committed students who want to make sure that your education maintains an as high quality as possible and can help should you experience any problems with your education. They also arrange a host of social activities for their students, creating unique opportunities to meet and connect with other students studying the same discipline as you.

Contact: boss-styrelse(at)
Web page:
Represents all game related programs at campus Karlskrona.
BOSS by-laws

Contact: eken(at)
EKEN’s Facebook page
Represents educations in economics and social sciences.
EKEN by-laws

Contact: morfin(at)
Web page:
Represents the nursing programme.
Mårfin(t) by-laws


Contact: rot(at)
Web site:
Represent the programmes IT Security and Master of Science in Computer Security.
ROOT by-laws



Contact: muk(at)
MUKs Facebook page
Represent all educations regarding Media Technology in Karlshamn
MUK by-laws


Contact: bits(at)
Represents the following educations:

• Master of Science in Computer Engineering and Digital Media Technology
• Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
• International Software Engineering
• Software Engineering
• Web Programming
• Programmes who are no longer accepting new students and fall within the category computer science, software engineering or electronic engineering, if not represented by another education association.
BITS by-laws

rostgruppbannerMaskinsektionen ROST:
Red Overall Society of Technology
Contact: rost(at)
Represents all students from the mechanical engineering programme.

Contact: trampolinen(at)
Represents the students from the Masters in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability programme at BTH.
Trampolinen by-laws