SIS is the Student Union’s tech/geek-section. The section is responsible for the service and development of the Student Union’s IT-systems. This involves networks and web servers as well as the student pubs website.
Contact: sis(at)

SIS’ by-laws

Karlskronas Pubsektion is the pub section in Karlskrona. The board members make sure that you as a student have a place to hang when the week is over. There are student prices in the bar and and the pub is located on campus with a magical sea view.
Contact: pubsektionen(at)

The pub section’s by-laws

Sexistenz is the festivity committee within the Student Union. They arrange study social events such as the introduction week.
Contact: sexistenz(at)

Sexistenz’ by-laws

Studentkultur i Tiden (SIT) translates to Student Culture in Time, is the section which cherish the student-spirited traditions. They are responsible for the overalls, song books, tech caps and cordons. SIT also has a committee which administrates a choir.

SIT’s by-laws

.smoersex is both the pub section and festivity committee in Karlshamn. They arrange study social events in Karlshamn such as pub nights and the introduction week.
Kontakt: smoersex(at)

Smoersex’ by-laws