The pubs

The Blekinge Student Union runs and maintains two pubs. One in Karlskrona and one in Karlshamn. These are open during the school periods and other events are held at the pubs as well.

If you have a membership you’ll get free entrance to the pub nights. You’re of course welcome anyway if you don’t have a memebership, but there will be an entrance fee at the door.

During the summer we are moving the student pub to completely newly refurbished premises right above BTH. The pub will be run by the Pub Section.
More information to come!

Minervavägen 11
371 40 Karlskrona

The pub based in Karlshamn is called .kauren which .smoersex is in charge of. Activities are held here every weekend such as pub nights and student dinner parties. The pub is located about 10 minutes from campus.

Opening hours
.kaurkväll (Pub nights)
Every other Friday 21:00

.kaurchill (After school)
Every other Friday 19:00

Varvsgatan 8
374 35 Karlshamn

For more information and happenings at the pubs, visit (there’s a translation button on the top right).