On this page you find information about the mission of the student union, as well as what the student union can do for you.

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Our mission

The most important part of the student unions work is often overlooked by members as it is done in meetings, investigations and informal conversations. To mitigate this issue you can find some examples of what the student union does in sections below.

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Student influence

The ability to decide over ones own studies and situation in school is compulsory to create a good education for any student . That is why student influence is important for anyone that is studying. The student union works with the students’s opinions when dealing with all levels of the organisation within the school. The student union listens to you, the member, to improve your situation, whether it be for an individual course, or your whole program. Each year the student union elects student representatives to sit on the various student reserved seats within the board meetings of the various organs withing the school. As one of the student representatives you can directly influence the school. If you are interested and passionate about influencing the school, do not hesitate to contact the student union board.

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Educational quality assurance

The gist of educational quality assurance is making sure that the school is behaving in such a way that no student feels violated or left out. The student union helps with cases ranging from single cases of misbehavior to the shutdown of whole programs. Within the student union there are no one that works with these cases as much as the vice chairman. It is to the vice chairman that you as a member turns to first when you have questions regarding your rights and obligations as a student or when you need help with dealing with the school if an issue arises.

Among the student union’s branches you can find the education associations. They work with the educational quality of specific programs. More about the educational associations can be found on the Student associations.

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Local influence

In our daily operations we communicate with the local authorities about the issues related to your educational situation. Examples of these are accommodation issues, commuting and regional activities.

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National influence

Blekinge student union is a member of SFS (Sverigies Förenade Studentkårer) and drives an active debate within the organisation. SFS works like a student union but on a national level and works it’s influence against the government and ministries instead of the local schools. By being a member of SFS, Blekinge student union can work with issues on a higher level and also get assistance from other student unions throughout Sweden.


Blekinge student union is also a member of Samverkande studenter (SAMS) which consists of eight student union spread all over the country. In the regards to represented students the members of SAMS are similar and thus have come together to drive questions related to national education politics. The cooperation provides shared votes in the SFS representative assembly.


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The member’s opinions

The student union is the members and the opinions of the student union is what the members have defined that the student union to have. Without members the student does not have any opinions..

Blekinge student union have three documents that governs our operation. Do note that these documents are only available in Swedish. If you want more information about the contents of the documents, please contact the student union board.

– The decree describes what the student union can or can not do. Essentially the decree is the member decided law of the student union.
– The opinion and action program contains the student union’s opinion in specific questions that arise both locally and nationally.
– The educational political program goes into more details regarding the student union’s opinions in specific questions. The educational political program is a great tool to use as a student representative in the school.

The more members the student union have the more influence it can work over the school when dealing with issues as described in these documents.

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Study social

The social part of the student union is often the part that is seen and heard first. In the following section of some of the benefits of being a member is listed.


Free education for students

In cooperation with the student health service a set of lectures in held each year.

In the autumn the responsible service of alcohol course is held for those that are interested in working at one of our pubs or to those that want to earn some extra cash by working at a bar in town.

During the spring the phadder education is held. This course is held for those who are interested in being a phadder during the introduction week. This course teaches leadership and how to deal with conflicts.


Student pubs

The student union have one pub on each campus of BTH. The pub .kauren in Karlshamn and Rotundan in Karlskrona.

The pubs are owned and ran by the student union’s two pub sections. Economically the pubs run themselves and the very student friendly prices can only be held due to voluntary work. Since the pubs run themselves your membership fee is never used to finance the pub activity.

To get free entrance into the pubs you need to show membership of the student union or another SFS-member student union. If you are not a member of the student union but are a student at BTH you can still enter, but with an entrance fee. The pubs can also be rented if you want to arrange your own events.

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Introduction week

Each year Blekinge student union’s study social organs arranges an introduction week for the new students. The introduction week is a memorable week for all participants that creates a fantastic opportunity to make friends for life. In contrast to other universities introduction week where the goal is hazing, the introduction week arranged by Blekinge student union is all about having fun and making new friends. All events are completely optional and you need only to attend the ones you feel like. During a previous introduction week, Blekinge region got awarded by IQ for having an excellent introduction week!

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Happenings and events

Like the introduction week the study social organs also organize other events during the year. Examples of these happenings can be everything from themed nights on the student pubs to game creation competitions.

As a member of the student union you have the ability to arrange your own events and get help doing so by the student union. If you have an idea for an event, then please contact the student union board in good advance for more information and help.

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The student union office

In connection to the office there is a desk where you can come to ask questions or get assistance. You can also come to the desk if you wish to purchase a membership with cash. For more information visit the contact page.

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