On this page you find information about the structure of Blekinge student union, what bodies we have and how we operate.


The student union’s highest decision making body is the representative assembly (Fullmäktige). The assembly contains 21 persons voted in through an open list election each year. As a member you can send motions to the representative assembly if you want to influence how, or with what, the student union works.

Beneath the representative assembly lies the student union board which acts as the out-most responsible body of the student union.

Beneath the board are the other bodies which comprises the student union – Sections and Education Associations. These bodies do what ever they can to make your life at BTH as great as possible!

Blekinge student union representative assembly

The representative assembly, also called the student union council, is Blekinge Student Union’s highest decision-making body and has 21 seats. Five of these may only be held by students from campus Karlshamn. Representatives are elected once per year in an ballot type election. More can be read about the election here The Election Committee

The representative assembly is in session two times per semester and uses a pretty fixed schedule of what decisions to make at what point in time. The representative assembly is the major stakeholder of the student union and has the uttermost responsibility for the organization.

The representative assembly makes decisions about activity plan, budget and ruling documents. Apart from this they also elects section boards, the student union board and the student representatives representing the union at BTH.

You may contact the council as a whole using the address fum(at)

Student union representative assembly for the operational year 2018/2019

Common seats:
16. Vakant
17. Vakant
18. Vakant

Reserved seats for Karlshamn:


The sections manage the bulk of the social activitites we arrange around campus. Like our education associations they are run by committed volunteers. You may read more about them on our page about sections.

Education Associations

The education associations manage the union’s work in education and quality watch within a certain discipline, often a cluster of similar programs. These associations are run by committed students who wants to make sure that your education maintain an as high quality as possible and can help if you experience any problems with your education. They also arrange a host of social activities for their students, creating unique opportunities to meet and connect with other students studying the same discipline as you. You may find a list of the different associations and which educations they represent on our page about associations.