Membership card via Mecenat

When you become a member of the student union you will get a membership card sent to you. We collaborate with Mecenat and thus the membership card gives access to their discounts that are valid throughout Sweden. On top of the discounts from Mecenat, the student union is working towards having more local discounts to members of the student union. This however is still in progress and will be updated further.

If you provide us with your address when you buy a membership in our shop the membership card will be posted to your mailbox. In case you already bought your membership and want to change your address you can mail us on Cards with an invalid or unrecognized address will be sent to the student union’s office. If your card takes an unusually long time to arrive there is a good chance that you can come and pick it up at our office desk.

If you have a smartphone you can also use the Mecenat app for Android or iPhone and use it instead of – or for as long as you wait for your physical card. If you provided a valid email address you should get an email from Mecenat that contains the credentials for the application.

To be eligible for our membership card you have to be a student. This is due to a limitation by our cooperative partner Mecenat.

For current discounts please see the and our page with local discounts