What is the student union?

Hi and welcome to BTH!
We are the Student Union. We will see each other for the first time during the Introduction week, a lively campus event that we hope you will attend.

But who are we and what is a student union?
In short we are like a big family of active students who volunteer to make your stay on campus a little bit more fun and exciting while also making sure that your education is up to scratch and maintains its quality. A student union is in many ways similar to a labour union. Our most important task is to look out for the well being of all students as well as representing and acting as the students’ voice in society.

Why should I become a member?
There are some different perspectives you can have about the Student Union. You can think of us like an insurance, if something goes wrong with a teacher, a course, a program, an exam or anything related to your studies, you can come to us and we will back you up with information and support in settings things straight. You can also be a member to get great student discounts and participate in all the fun social events that are the student union arrange.

For more information about the different branches in Blekinge Student Union, please visit the page branches.