Accomodation and housing

Are you becoming a student at BTH? Welcome!
The student union does not own housing but we do help you with some tips along the way. In Blekinge there are several different landlords that you can rent from. Some housing options are at or near campus and others are a bit further away. Housing options range from dormitory style to normal apartments.

On this page you can find links to the different landlords that offer special housing for students. We also link to a list of other landlords.

Campus Karlskrona

List for all landlords in Karlskrona

Student housing landlords:
Blekinge Bostäder AB: Live in Ronneby

Facebook page for private renting

Campus Karlshamn


Student housing landlords:



General – Lists available apartments from a high number of landlords in Karlskrona and Karlshamn -Lists available apartments from all over Sweden. – Lists student accomodation adverts, mainly sublease contracts from private actors. – Lists accomodation adverts from a number of sources, mainly sublease contracts.
Find Housing Sweden – Information about swedish housing in english.

Bostadsfinder – Housing portal

Bostadsportalen – a web-based housing agency.

Amasten – Student accomodation in Ronneby

Registering your address

When you move into a accommodation it’s important that you register your new address. You do this on Skatteverket’s webpage.

Link to Skatteverket

A word on subletting

When you sublease an apartment you rent from an existing tenant instead of the landlord. It is often the case that the tenant is temporarily away for some months due to some business in another city or country and want to lease the apartment to someone else during that time instead of having to move our of the apartment. It might also be the case that the tentant have a spare room and want to make some extra money by renting it to someone. Due to these factors sublease contracts are very often for a limited time only. Swedish people often refer to a subletting as renting “second hand”, in contrast to a “first hand contract” that one sign with the land lord.
We urge you to be extra careful when signing a sublease contract. First of all the tenant must have the landlord’s permission to sublease so make sure that they have a permit for this. Secondly you should never pay any deposit or payment in advance of having seen the apartment AND signed the contract. Also beware of leasing from anyone requesting that you pay through an anonymous payment method such as Western Union or Paypal. Lastly check that the price is reasonable by comparing it to other offers – If a deal seems to good to be true chances are that someone is trying to trick you. Good luck and be safe!


Do you have any general questions about housing and accomodation? Please send us an email at bostad(at) Please note that we do not have any apartments to lease.