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The student unions’s main purpose is to ensure the quality of the education and help you with any complications with BTH. We also work to improve situation for students in society as a whole by influencing decision makers, both locally and nationally. The student union is in that regard a bit like a labor union but for students during their education. In addition we also work with study social matters, ranging from the improving the study environment on campus to arranging fun social activities for your enjoyment alongside your studies.

In terms of personal gains your membership grants you free entrance to our pubs and greatly reduced prices on our events as well as our membership card that grants student discounts all over the country. We order the membership cards from our partner Mecenat and besides their discounts we have also negotiated deals with local businesses where you get extra discounts as a member of the student union. One of the biggest benefit of a membership is that you can get help from our two full time employees if you run into a conflict with BTH. As student attorneys they have extremely good knowledge of your rights as a student and they are always on your side when dealing with the university. Where students that are not members have to settle with counseling and guidance your membership give you an educated ally that fight for your rights.

However to be a member of the student union is about much more than just personal benefits; you are ensuring that the student union is there for others even when you don’t need the help yourself. A membership is thus like paying for an airbag in your car; most of the time you won’t think about it, but you are very happy to have it when an accident occurs. By becoming a member you are making sure that the airbag is there for others even when you don’t need it yourself. In return their membership provides safety if an accident were to happen to you. Metaphorically speaking.

Besides the good feeling you get from helping others you also provide the students a more powerful voice in society. With more members the student union’s words weigh heavier when we influence authorities and decision makers. Because who will lobby for larger study assistance, more student apartments and better living standards for students if not ourselves? These battles are ours and no one else will fight them for us. Your voice is incredibly important and your support will make sure that the voice of all students is heard far and wide in halls of power.

For more information about our work and what we do for student please see the page overview

Membership costs 350 Swedish crowns each year or 225 Swedish crowns each semester and is most conveniently bought through our webshop. Spread out over the ten months of the two semesters the cost of membership is only 35 crowns a month. If you want more personal service you can come to our office on the second level of the H-building next to the library in Campus Karlskrona or you can visit us on the second level of the B-building, behind the elevator in Karlshamn. We are more then willing to tell you everything you would like to know about what the student union does for you as a student and why a membership is important.

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