Information regarding the autumn semester

important information for all students regarding next semester

Today came the decision from BTH on what the autumn term’s education will look like.’

The following alignment decisions apply for the autumn term:

  • Education and examination is planned to be carried out digitally. This also applies the re-examination period in August 2020.
  • Campus based education is allowed for some practical and laboratory parts that can be difficult to implement remotely. A separate decision on these is expected to be made by the chancellor in mid-June after proposals from the respective department manager.
  • Campus will also be opened for students from the 17th of August, 2020. Some restrictions may continue to occur, such as limiting the number people in the library and others areas where congestion may occur.

The decision concerns planning for education and examination for the first study period of the autumn term 2020. Decision regarding the second part of the study period is expected to be taken during September 2020.

Although this decision is BTH’s planned focus for the upcoming term, we must continue to be prepared to change quickly in this situation if new guidelines come from the government. That can mean that we return to campus based education as usual, which means BTH:s exemptions to change course syllabuses no longer apply, or we have to be even tougher with isolation and distance education.

Blekinge student unions website

We have also updated our website, with a new tab completely dedicated to current information from the student union regarding COVID-19. There we also link to BTH’s pages with up-to-date information on how they work with the prevailing situation.