Help and support

Do you have a conflict with BTH and need help? One of the biggest benefit of a membership is that you can get help from our two full time employees if you happen to run into a conflict with BTH or feel mistreated in any way. As student attorneys they have extremely good knowledge of your rights as a student and they are always on your side when dealing with the school. If you are not yet a member we may not run the case for you but we will help you out with advice best we can until you become a member.

Non-education related problems

If you have a problem with the school that does not regard your education, e.g if you think that the cleaning of certain areas are done poorly etc then you can take that with us aswell. Come by our office on the second floor of the J-building or send an email to and inform us about the problem at hand and we’ll make sure the school gets informed of the problem so that they can do something about it.

Please contact our call our Vice Chairman send an email to studentombud(at) to book a meeting.